Saturday, July 19, 2008

Colin Fry revisited

In August 2007, English psychic Colin Fry signed over charlatan hothouse Ramsbergsgarden, Sweden, to Jane Lyzell and her spouse. Lyzell served as Fry's sidekick during his time in Sweden (see Is the Small Fry a Big Fish?) In a way, it's a shame that Fry's Swedish engagement has been reduced. After all, he brought a bit of class and style to the Swedish psychic scene. Now we are left with nasty rabble like Terry Evans, J├Ârgen "Cry Baby" Gustafsson, Elisabeth Lannge, and of course the absolute scrapings, Jane Lyzell.

As a tribute to Fry, it would be nice to revisit a definite highlight in his career -- the trumpet incident. I know he has made everything he can to pass this occasion to oblivion, but it is such a great moment I just have to repeat the story again. I do it in form of the actual article in Psychic News that broke the news to the world. Just click the following images to open high resolution versions in new windows. As an extra bonus, I've added an image of Colin Fry playing around with so called ectoplasm at the bottom. What a great showman, what a great fraud - enjoy!


  1. It looks like he's actually trying to connect his nostril to his eardrum by way of a tangle of small intestine. Why would anyone want to do that. Mindboggling indeed!

  2. Yes, Colin Fry is a great show artist isn't he. I especially like when he does the "Magnus" character:

  3. I believe that to be a picture of Deker's soul, tangled in the chains of its own deceit.