Monday, July 14, 2008

Psychic and brain incompatible?

Mr Johan Lundberg, the "psychic in training" that was thrown out of the Swedish Psychic Challenge by his peers in 2007 and since have been somewhat unobtrusive, is now calling out for a power demonstration by Swedish psychics who claim to be able to aid the police in finding missing persons. According to Lundberg, or Manthrax as he also calls himself, such a demonstration would be possible through "some sort of test". That is, Lundberg doesn't know how the test is to be designed. He just knows that a test may show skeptics the power of psychic ability "once and for all". Apparently, the multitude of cases of missing persons so far has not been ample opportunity for psychics to prove their abilities "once and for all". As psychics tend to shower police switchboards with "insights" as soon as a case makes headlines, you would have expected some success by now. There has been none. Zip. Zero. Nada.

However, as a demonstration of pure delusion, Lundberg's initiative is very illustrating indeed...

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